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Colonial Classic Dinner Candles 18-Oct-2018
The gold standard for fine candles for over 100 years, The Colonial classic taper candles are made with exceptional molded detail from the highest quality creamy wax. They are true to their color from the outer layer all the way through to their center core. The taper design insures a smooth, clean-burning, virtually drip-less candle [...] read more
WEST SYSTEM Epoxy Products available in the Lake Sunapee – New London Area 03-Oct-2018
WEST SYSTEM products are the premium epoxy adhesives for many coating and gluing applications.  Very accurate dispensing pumps allow only the correct amount of resin & hardener to be mixed for the best performance.  WEST SYSTEM are designed to be versatile and easy to use allowing on-site mixing of epoxy and fillers in the specific [...] read more
Independent & Local Businesses Strengthen Our Community Fabric 02-Oct-2018
The whole is only as strong & complete as its supporting parts. A smooth running machine only operates well when all its components are maintained and serviced. A community will only continue to prosper as long as all of its fabric is constantly strengthened. The three elements are the identification, action & result of a [...] read more
Chemical-Free Cleaning with Only Water…Fabulous Cloths 25-Sep-2018
Botanical Rodent Repellent arrives in New London 20-Sep-2018
Fresh Cab is the first Botanical Rodent Repellent made available to the general public that freshens the air and at the same time repels rodents in enclosed storage areas.  It repels by an odor that is offensive to rodents, but not to humans and can be used effectively for up to 30 days.  One [...] read more
Blue Rhino Propane Tank Exchange in New London 19-Sep-2018
Our propane service to includes Blue Rhino tank exchange for quick & easy service to you.   read more
Propane Tank Safety for Worry Free Grilling 11-Sep-2018
With warmer weather approaching it is time to set up the deck and check out the grill.  More importantly, be sure to review the condition of your propane tank as well as its date of manufacture. For safety, always keep propane tanks in their upright position and they should only be transported & stored in [...] read more
Grilling Tips 23-Aug-2018
Helpful Grilling Tips to make your summer cookouts great! read more
Spruce Up Your Space With Quick Fix-Ups 15-Aug-2018
Ready for a few quick Projects to spruce up your home? read more
Money and Time Saving Tips! 15-Aug-2018
Follow these great tips to keep your home safe and save $$ & time! Have you ever changed your Carbon Monoxide Detector? {module_contentholder read more