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Carbon Monoxide Safety Still a Pressing Issue 15-Aug-2018
The dangers of CO are undeniable. The dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) gas have been far too apparent over the years, as countless deaths occur annually as a result of CO inhalation. read more
15 Easy Ways to Go Green 15-Aug-2018
Going "green" in our everyday lives is all the rage these days. From LED bulbs to organic cotton T-shirts, it seems everyone has some skin in the eco-game. Your family - and in particular your home - should be no different. Below are 15 easy do-it-yourself projects. read more
Use No Spill Gas Cans to Avoid This 15-Aug-2018
17 million gallons of gasoline are spilled each year during refueling of lawn equipment according to the EPA.  This can be avoided by using a No-Spill gas can and not topping off the gas tanks when refueling lawn mowers, trimmers, and other power tools.   This is not your average gas can!  No-Spill  Research has [...] read more
4-stroke outboard oil now stocked in Lake Sunapee area 15-Aug-2018
With all the new four stroke outboard motors being offered comes the requirement for specialized oil. Quick Silver Marine Lubricants has engineered a performance SAE 10w-30 oil formula with special additives that stand up to the rigors of the marine environment. Plus it will protect the internal engine components against corrosion, friction and reduces piston [...] read more
Don’t let poor air quality slip through your dirty filter 28-Feb-2017
To ensure that your heating system is operating at its peak performance this time of year, changing the air filter regularly is very important. Standard fiberglass filters need to be changed at-least every thirty days. 3M brand Filtrete pleated filters are 10 times more effective and will last up to 3 months. We offer both the Micro Allergen and the [...] read more
Livingston Garden Seeds are here 21-Feb-2017
From the catalog of the company we are sharing their history, strategies and beliefs. Their dedication to perfection still leads today in delivering the most successful seed collection & selection for gardeners. Let Laurie show you all of the items you’ll need to get your garden started. “Livingston Seed was founded in 1850 by Alexander [...] read more
Be Prepared 08-Feb-2017
Every year more than 350,000 homes are struck by fire. By following a few easy steps you can help reduce the chances of a blaze damaging your home or injuring a loved one. Having smoke & carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers properly placed on each level of your home can be the single most [...] read more
Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow 20-Jan-2017
With all the present snow accumulation and signs of spring so far off, it’s never too late to get the right snow removal device to tackle the challenges of old man winter. For heavy snowfalls, no tool is faster and easier at moving more snow around than our snow sleigh shovel by Garant, with its ergonomic handle for [...] read more
For Sale, For Rent, Help Wanted; Signs for all Needs 17-Jan-2017
When you have a need for a sign, you can be assured that we have the largest selection of vinyl signs for you to choose from. Many sizes, many styles and many designs all to fit the message you need to deliver. We can even have a sign custom made for you if needed. Be sure [...] read more
Not all Ice Melters Work the Same 14-Jan-2017
The performance of an Ice Melter is affected by particle shape, size, heat of solution and ability or inability to attract water plus the temperature of the surface & air. Practical temperature is the very lowest level at which a product will melt ice in a reasonable time. Practical temperature is a more accurate prediction [...] read more