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Buttermilk Paint Arrives in New London 01-Nov-2016

We have expanded our paint offerings to include the buttermilk paint reproduction colours from Old Village Paint Company. These clearly demonstrate the ingenuity of Early American painters and stainers. It is well documented that buttermilk and other milk products were used for the decoration of furniture and housing of old. The traveling painter turned to an old country custom of using farm products. earth colors and brick dust to make their paint colours. Old Village has reproduced these products using modern raw materials. They have kept the spirit of the Colonial American Craftsman in producing these paints with which to achieve the lovely effects and colours of Pre-Revolution America. Buttermilk paint may be used on interiors of homes and drys to a beautiful matte finish which does not destroy the texture of the wood. Multiple coats will build a longer lasting and a more opaque film. Stop by soon to discuss this fabulous product with Kevin. He is sure to help with your home decor project.