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Use No Spill Gas Cans to Avoid This


17 million gallons of gasoline are spilled each year during refueling of lawn equipment according to the EPA. This can be avoided by using a No-Spill gas can and not topping off the gas tanks when refueling lawn mowers, trimmers, and other power tools. This is not your average gas can! No-Spill Research has manufactured the most user-friendly, EPA compliant fuel can on the market today. It’s professional quality construction will provide you with a very long service life. Being self venting and self sealing allows a safe & easy pouring system. It’s thumb button control lets you decide how fast and how long the fluids will flow. The No-Spill fuel can comes with a no questions asked lifetime guarantee so if it leaks or fails in normal use, we simply replace it. Stop by today and see the real difference between No-spill fuel cans and the others. www.nospill.com has all the details.

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